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eeh….. should I even add something…..?? nope nothing to say. I’ll leave it there.

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A ship I don’t ship but I can’t stop drawing. It’s really simmilar to that other short comic I did so we could say that was part one?

And I know this is really ooc, Akira-kun is a cutie and he would never do such a thing.

[click for the high-res of the first one because tumblr hates me [edit no. 50, I fixed it]]

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#yowamushi pedal 

Just a little game with no consequences. 


Just a little game with no consequences. 

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[Kiyoshi x Hyuuga] Oribon Sairoku



Title : Oribon Sairoku
Circle : nmhm (てい)
Pages : 39 | Rate : R18
Pairing : Kiyoshi x Hyuuga
Series : Kuroko no Basket
Language : English

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I wish you the best of everything for 2014, and more importantly, more porn and beautiful boys to make your life better !!
Now then, I would like to thank Chin-chan for the awesome work she did here, translating and typesetting this doujin at the speed of light, just to get it right on time for this new year.
Please enjoy this awesome doujinshi, with one of the most awesome Kurobas pairing (I’m sorry, for me KiHyuu and MuraHimu are the best Chin-chan… But you know it already, right ? XD). Not mentionning that in my opinion, this mangaka managed to grasp the best characteristics of Kiyoshi and Hyuuga… That’s why it makes this doujinshi so perfect.
Oh and one more thing, our awesome editor uncensored the whole book for more pleasure ^p^

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Sometimes you just gotta finish XD


Sometimes you just gotta finish XD

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